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1. Consciousness: Mind And Machine
...own consciousness and then creating a new life form. Somehow, as Mr. Data explained, the activity of the starship's computers and records began to take on a "more than the sum of the parts" activity, form its own neural network and so forth. Will machines ever become...
2. Successful Networking? - Slave Mentality? - Magic Formula For Success?
...for open-minded people willing to do a little research, the legitimate segment and business model of network marketing offers the best chance for most people to achieve their dreams...
3. Hippocrates Personality Quartet as a Communication Tool does not know a person very well, Hippocrates personality quartet can certainly be used as an effective tool during interactions. Communicating will then become easier if you...
4. Wealth and Health - 8 Ways to a Longer Life
...several regions where people live significantly longer and healthier lives...other people’s health and wealth allow us to visualize that a prosperous...
5. The Ten Pillars Of Leadership And Business Development
...a politician/citizen relationship, a business owner/employee relationship, a community leader/volunteer relationship and peer/peer relationship...Leadership development is mandatory for CEOs and Executive Team, but it is also a necessary part of training for every person in the organization...
6. A Concentrated Psychic-Will Development
...impossible to estimate the ultimate good to be derived from the mental cultivation that comes through these attempts at Psychic - Concentration. Even the simple exercises are not to be thought...
7. A Lesson From A Hum Of A Bamboo Clump
...the same time they dance. They dance in an amazing movement. There is no other living thing can sing and dance beautifully like bamboo clump trees! While its leaves melodic voices singing a peaceful song, the bamboo trees bar wiggling...
8. Sex, Love And Poly-Behavioral Addiction
...formally introduced the concept of sexual addiction to the world in a text entitled “Out of the Shadows.” Since then the field of sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behavior has developed dramatically...

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