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Christian T-Shirt Designs and T-Shirt Manufacturers

 By Christian N | Jan 2006

Christian t-shirt designs provide a great way for your church to advertise or simply spread the Gospel to others! Christian t-shirt manufacturers can help you design the t-shirt that is just right for you or for your congregation. If you already have the artwork or the message that you would like to display on your t-shirt, Christian t-shirt manufacturers can bring your Christian t-shirt designs to life. If you wish to produce a Christian t-shirt design for a particular event but you are unsure what you want your t-shirt to look like, search through thousands of Christian t-shirt designs online to obtain ideas.

Christian t-shirt manufacturers will be happy to work with you as you design your t-shirt. You can either send the manufacturer a picture and let them build on your idea, or you can e-mail the exact artwork to the Christian t-shirt manufacturer and they can have it screen-printed onto your t-shirts. So often, churches desire to have original Christian t-shirt designs. Today, there are websites that allow you to choose from a massive bank of artwork, Bible verses, and messages which can provide a basis from which to build your own unique Christian T-shirt design.

T-shirts are available online in a variety of styles and colors. Styles of shirts include short sleeve, long sleeve, mid-length, and sleeveless tees in hundreds of colors or color combinations. More contemporary styles such as the ringer or striped ringer and the baseball raglan t-shirt are also available. Most t-shirts are pre-shrunk and may be purchased in fabric that is 100% cotton or a polyester and cotton blend. Toddlers, juniors, youth, and adult sizes will meet the needs of all age groups. Sizes range from XS to XXXXL.

Purchasing t-shirts from Christian t-shirt manufacturers is so easy! You can place your order by phone or by contacting one of the many Christian t-shirt manufacturers online. Though most companies require you to order a minimum number of t-shirts (usually between 24 and 36 shirts), you can get discounts for ordering t-shirts in bulk. Just be certain that you give yourself plenty of time for the Christian t-shirt manufacturer to print all of your shirts and have them shipped before your event. Delivery may take from 7 days to 3 weeks after your Christian t-shirt design has been completed.

Christian t-shirt designs are a fun, inexpensive way to bring unity to your church. You can order t-shirts for your church's sports teams. Youth and college groups often want to advertise their programs through Christian t-shirt designs. Sunday school classes enjoy wearing t-shirts to church-wide events to establish their identity. Christian t-shirts are also purchased for specific events such as retreats and revivals. If you wish to order t-shirts for your church, Christian t-shirt manufacturers will help you create the perfect Christian t-shirt designs for each of your special activities and church organizations!

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