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1. Let Your Survey Write Your Business Plan
...first write their business plan and then develop their services or products. This causes them to generate and fulfill a marketing plan that requires them to swim upstream using the backstroke. To save the stress, consider placing the business plan on hold...
2. Are You Missing The Obvious? Dangerous Blind Spots In Self Marketing
...missing the blindingly obvious which would immediately explain to folk what you're about and having them come to you...a couple of hundred LADY hypnotherapists, only two or three per cent think to mention that VERY IMPORTANT fact - that's a crucial factor in choosing your hypnotherapist...
3. The Future Of Advertising
...research clearly shows that banners are very effective in building brand awareness...we look at the future of advertising, itís important to look at how the two interact and change together over time...
4. Affiliate Programs And How To Build An Ebusiness Around Them make something by offering other products/services that relate. 4. Your own site. You NEED a hub. I like the word hub actually...your research and find affiliate programs that align themselves to what you want to do...
5. Fixing Bad Web Site Copy
...Don't use more than three keyword phrases per page. Actually, it would be better if you used one or two. And don't include every keyword phrase on every page. Break it up, and use your Services page to get specific...
6. Keep Sales Simple
...Keeping Sales Simple For those of us working in the exciting world of sales, we are all too familiar with the pressures of meeting our daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals...
7. How To Profit From 2 Tier Affiliate Programs And Build A Sub-Affiliate Army In The Next 24 Hours Without Spending A Penny On Advertising!
...simply locating the Super-Affiliate's within your Niche market. First... lets define what a '2 Tier' affiliate program is. A '2 Tier' affiliate program is simply a program that is designed to work on a 2 tier payment structure...
8. I Hate My Logo! Logo Design- What You Should Get For Your Money And Why
...growth in the design process will hurt your finished product and corporate image. A good graphic artist will lead you through the design process...working on a logo design. I sit at lunch, at red lights, and through the day sketching, scribbling, jotting down thoughts that pop into my head...

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