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1. British Schools, Safety Incidents And The Courts
...have access to the full scope of good practice as regards visits. Primary Schools and breaches of the H&S law...
2. Are You Thinking About Filing For Bankruptcy Protection? are unable to pay off secured debts, the creditor has the option to repossess that property and sell it...bankruptcy process need not be your worst nightmare. However, there are certain requirements that must be met...
3. Porn Policies, Perversion Possession, And Party Politics
...all out war on pornography; and not just in its illicit forms such as child pornography. But why would a representative of his office come right out and say it? As it is, he’s not only put the industry on high alert that the entire U.S. judicial war-machine is after it, he’s alienated certain members of law enforcement and members of his own prosecution team...
4. Service By Substitution In California
...Postal Service post office box, in the presence of a competent member of the household or a person apparently in charge of his or her office, place of business, or usual mailing address other...complaint at the person's dwelling house, usual place of abode, usual place of business...
5. "America’S Voiceless” The Children Of Divorce
...personal property and assets acquired during the marriage. Somewhere between page 11 or 15 of the divorce schedules, this appears on yet another page of the divorce decree. This page looks more like a major event schedule...
6. Uspto Grants Another Stupid Software Patent - Hand In Your Blackberry At The Door
... intellectual property law protection has in their everyday lives. After all, one does not miss innovation that has been crushed prior to the product's shipment into the supply chain...
7. Let’S Take Another Look At Your Living Trust
...the inheritance age threshold designated for minor children at the time you made your Living Trust may no longer be appropriate...
8. Accident Claim With A Specialist Solicitor
...heard of an accident claim, but few people know how to deal with the traumatising experience...on vacation are no longer a viable options. An accident injury claim is not a mere slap in the face...

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