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Strategies For Selling High End Merchandise

 By Donny Lowy | Jan 2006

We all know the basics of selling merchandise.

Buy low and sell above your cost.

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?

But what about when you want to sell high end merchandise?

Many retailers are moving away from low end merchandise and are starting to focus on higher end brand name products.

Retailers and eBay sellers know that the real money is made with higher end products.

Customers value the brand names and are willing to pay more for them.

So what can you do to successfully sell higher end merchandise?

Here are some suggestions:

Suggestion #1

Presentation matters. Customers need higher end merchandise presented as being higher end. They are spending more money and want to be sure that they are receiving a strong value for their money.

It is for this reason that you see many boutiques spend a great deal of money on the store furnishings. Their customers want to be sure that they are receiving a “high end” experience.

Suggestion #2

Stress the value. It is important for your customers to know why they are paying a higher price. Remind them of the brand recognition and the higher quality of brand name merchandise.

These two suggestions are simple and straightforward strategies that you should implement when you sell higher end merchandise.

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Selling Merchandise | High End Merchandise

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